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The Oakland Raiders Helmet History

The Oakland Raiders helmet history dates back to the AFL in 1960, much like their AFC West rivals. Like the Chiefs, their helmet has seen very little change, and one can only wonder what they would’ve looked like had they been christened the Oakland Senors…yikes! And to think that almost happened.


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The Raiders are known for their tradition when it comes to both the helmet and uniforms, leading many to believe the team has remained stoic in their looks since their founding seasons in Oakland.

However, not only have the Raiders gone through different helmet incarnations, they debuted in 1960 with different colored shells.

The Raiders’ first helmet consisted of a black shell if one can believe it and they wore the lids until the conclusion of the 1962 season.



Come 1963, the team switched to their now-familiar silver shell with a jolly roger wearing a black helmet. Swords crisscrossed behind the pirate and the typescript ‘Raiders’ appeared above.

However, this helmet was also different to today’s familiar look, being that the shield enclosing the roger was silver instead of today’s black.




And finally, today we have the look every NFL fan has become familiar with, the silver helmet, black stripe, gray facemask, black shield, with a similar jolly roger equipped in the same exact helmet.

Same roger, same typescript of ‘Raiders’ running across the top, same intimidating look the team has owned in both the helmet and uniform department since.

And to think Raider Nation could’ve been Senor nation. If you’re familiar with the NFL landscape, you could only imagine what the black hole would’ve looked like for the Oakland Senors.



My Take

This team is on the move, playing 2019 at the O.Co Coliseum before moving on to greener pastures (sort of) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Whether they’re the Oakland Raiders, the Los Angeles Raiders, or the Las Vegas Raiders, the team’s identity tends to follow, which wasn’t the case for neither the Baltimore Ravens nor Tennessee Titans, both of whom adopted new identities in their new cities.

Not the Raiders; the helmet is simply timeless and too perfect to be manipulated in any way, shape, or form.

Well, I’ll be honest, the Raiders typescript annoys me but I can live with it. Okay, I’m picking nits at this point. One of the best helmets in football, hands down.

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