1. I had never seen this lost Cleveland Browns helmet before this so it’s really interesting to find it here. I think it ranks up there on the 1965 NFL Program, even though team sentiment was not so great. Even more interesting that the logo didn’t make it into any photos or onto the field. I imagine that merchandise with these logos being so rare would be more valuable on places like eBay. You’ve sparked my curiosity and I just may check it out further, well done!

    1. I just don’t think there’s enough color contrast to go around with giving this logo a pop. The Browns could probably have gotten away with it if there was a bulldog plastered to the sides of the helmet or something similar. There are a few instances on eBay regarding the helmet, but I haven’t found the mini-helmets yet. I’m sure they’re out there, but definitely a rarity. 

  2. I have never seen the Browns helmet with anything on it. It is surprising to learn they do have one.
    The thing is, the Browns are…brown. That’s their identity. It is simple and straight forward and needs little explanation to anyone familiar with the franchise.

    That pristine brown helmet speak volumes and I am actually glad they did not go with a logo after all. I like the helmets, and I think Browns fans enjoy this unique difference from the other teams in the NFL.

    I do love the history lesson, as I am a lifelong football fan. I love learning these little backstories about the teams. It’s just the football nerd in me.

    Thanks again for tickling my football geek bone!

    Gwendolyn J

    1. As a Browns fan, myself, I can definitely second the notion that we love the uniqueness of the logoless helmet. The ‘CB’ logo didn’t look right at all; as if some amateur artist just decided to make a poor concept. Thank goodness this logo never saw the field. 

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