1. This is interesting… I don’t think I had ever seen that version of the SF 49ers logo!

    I do enjoy the days when teams will wear their throwback uniforms, as it’s always an interesting perspective to see how the logo designs change over the years. Sometimes the retro look is really cool, and I kind of wish it was the current logo… then again, if anything is constant, it’s change. Makes me wonder what the next version of my favorite teams’ logos will look like!

    1. Hi, Aly, it’s very rare to find these days; I had to dig through the internet just to find something to show; I was hoping for an actual helmet, but other than the pictures I linked, there really wasn’t one to find. My favorite time of the year is when teams opt for their throwbacks and it’s even more interesting to see how things used to be. My wish is that the NFL will sponsor throwback weekends at least twice a year. It would generate a lot of fan interest. 

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