Predicting the 2019 NFL Season with Preferred Uniforms for Certain Games

The 2019 NFL Season has arrived and it’s a special season at that, being the 100th anniversary since the league played its inaugural season in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association (APFA). Today, I’m going through each week, dissecting select games and even dreaming of throwback uniforms to be worn for some games as well.

If one looks back to my article covering the 1994 NFL Season, which celebrated the NFL’s 75th Season, the league hosted Throwback Weekends. While it’s unclear whether the league is doing so this season, there are many teams out there today who opt to wear throwback uniforms as third jerseys, which will be shown in the article today.

Who’s ready to see who will eventually lift the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl LIV?

Spoiler: It’s not who you think.

First off, I’d like to thank Playoff Predictor for giving me such a handy tool, allowing me to predict all 256 games in the 2019 season. Teams that are highlighted throughout each week are my predicted winners.


Week One

NFC Game of the Week: The season opens on Thursday Night where the Packers defeat the Bears in what some might call an upset.

AFC Game of the Week: The Patriots start the season right avenging a late-season loss in 2018 against Pittsburgh.

Lock of the Week: Dallas doesn’t give New York breathing room here, nor will Philadelphia over Washington.

Upset of the Week: Carolina defeats Los Angeles to open the season.

Throwback of the Week: Darkhorse pick: I’d love to see the Lions and Cardinals don a color on color pre-1960 throwback look, featuring plain blue jerseys against plain red jerseys, plain pants, and logoless helmets.


Week Two

AFC Game of the Week: Cleveland over New York in a replay of the NFL’s very first Monday Night Football Game.

NFC Game of the Week: Los Angeles over New Orleans in a rematch of the 2018 NFC Title Game.

Interconference Game of the Week: Pittsburgh takes one over Seattle at Heinz Field.

Lock of the Week: New England takes no prisoners in a road trip to Miami.

Upset of the Week: No one will see Jacksonville taking one from the Texans in Houston.

Throwback of the Week: The Chiefs playing as the Dallas Texans and the Raiders in their 1960s look.


Week Three

AFC Game of the Week: Kansas City wins a duel with Baltimore.

NFC Game of the Week: New Orleans goes into Seattle and steals one.

Interconference Game of the Week: The Rams go into Cleveland and come out as victors.

Lock of the Week: Dallas destroys Miami at home.

Upset of the Week: The Jaguars steal one from the Titans.

Throwback of the Week: Steelers in their block-numbered uniforms versus the Niners‘ classic Color Rush look.


Week Four

AFC Game of the Week: Cleveland defeats Baltimore on the road.

NFC Game of the Week: Green Bay takes one from Philadelphia at Lambeau Field.

Interconference Game of the Week: The Texans outduel the Panthers.

Lock of the Week: The Rams could win with their backups against Tampa Bay.

Upset of the Week: The Cardinals make a homestand against the Seahawks.

Throwback of the Week: Redskins in their 1965-1969 uniform and the Giants in their 1962 set, which really isn’t much different than their current look.


Week Five

AFC Game of the Week: Baltimore takes it to Pittsburgh and wins a nail-biter.

NFC Game of the Week: Green Bay marches into Dallas and wins.

Interconference Game of the Week: Cleveland wins one over San Francisco.

Lock of the Week: New England cruises against Washington.

Upset of the Week: The Colts avenge a playoff loss last season against Kansas City.

Throwback of the Week: Give me a Jacksonville-Carolina 1995 Throwback Matchup!


Week Six

AFC Game of the Week: Pittsburgh travels to the West Coast and wins.

NFC Game of the Week: The Eagles defeat the Vikings in a 2017 NFC Championship rematch.

Interconference Game of the Week: The Seahawks defeat the Browns.

Lock of the Week: The Patriots (again) crush the Giants, avenging two Super Bowl losses.

Upset(s) of the Week: See AFC and NFC Game of the Week.

Throwback(s) of the Week: ACME Packers versus the Lions in what I wanted back in Week One; Rams-Niners Color Rush Jerseys with the Rams’ white pants, giving us a 1950s matchup.


Week Seven

AFC Game of the Week: Colts win an air-raid game against Houston.

NFC Game of the Week: Dallas wins one against Philadelphia at home.

Interconference Game of the Week: Seattle wins at home against Baltimore.

Lock of the Week: LA Chargers over the Titans.

Upset of the Week: Sam Darnold and the Jets upset the Patriots.

Throwback of the Week: Bills‘ standing bison helmet and uniforms versus Miami’s 1966 throwbacks.


Week Eight

AFC Game of the Week: New England wins an offensive shootout over Cleveland.

NFC Game of the Week: 49ers take one over their former division rivals, the Panthers.

Interconference Game of the Week: The Packers walk into Arrowhead and take it from the Chiefs in a rematch of the first Super Bowl.

Lock of the Week: Steelers aren’t giving the Dolphins any handouts.

Upset of the Week: Bears beat the Chargers.

Thowback of the Week: See Interconference Game of the Week: Give me a full-blown 1966 throwback here.


Week Nine

AFC Game of the Week: Baltimore defeats New England in a rematch of back to back Conference Championship Games.

NFC Game of the Week: Chicago beats Philadelphia.

Interconference Game of the Week: Green Bay wins one in LA.

Lock of the Week: Dallas over New York.

Upset of the Week: The Redskins find the win column over Buffalo.

Throwback of the Week: Chiefs and Vikings are playing a Super Bowl IV rematch, let’s do a throwback weekend.


Week Ten

AFC Game of the Week: Cincinnati beats Baltimore in a borderline upset.

NFC Game of the Week: Minnesota takes one over Dallas.

Interconference Game of the Week: The LA Rams travel to Pittsburgh and win.

Lock of the Week: The Browns toss the Bills around.

Upset of the Week: San Francisco beats Seattle.

Throwback of the Week: The Steelers and Rams throwback to the Super Bowl XIV days.


Week Eleven

AFC Game of the Week: The Chargers and Chiefs are set for a shootout in Ciudad de Mexico!

NFC Game of the Week: The Rams beat the Bears in a battle of 2018 Division Winners.

Interconference Game of the Week: The Eagles win over the Patriots in a rematch of Super Bowls LII and XXXIX.

Lock of the Week: Minnesota over Denver.

Upset of the Week: The Jaguars steal from the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Throwback of the Week: Fauxback Game- Let the Browns wear their 1957 throwbacks from their dynasty era and the Steelers don their 1970s throwbacks.


Week Twelve

AFC Game of the Week: Texans battle the Colts and stay alive in the playoff race.

NFC Game of the Week: Eagles win a close one against the Seahawks.

Interconference Game of the Week: Dallas falls just short to New England.

Lock of the Week: Browns have no trouble with Miami.

Upset of the Week: 49ers steal a game over Green Bay.

Throwback of the Week: Bears and Giants throwback to the 1960s.


Week Thirteen

AFC Game of the Week: Pittsburgh closes the gap in a win over Cleveland.

NFC Game of the Week: Atlanta takes one over New Orleans.

Interconference Game of the Week: The Ravens win a Super Bowl rematch over the 49ers.

Lock of the Week: Oakland isn’t going anywhere against Kansas City.

Upset of the Week: The Cardinals stun the Rams.

Throwback of the Week: Give me the Cowboys’ Double Star look against the Bills’ standing buffalo uniforms.


Week Fourteen

AFC Game of the Week: Patriots win an AFC Championship rematch against the Chiefs.

NFC Game of the Week: Chicago stays alive in the playoff hunt against Dallas.

Interconference Game of the Week: The Steelers stall the surging Cardinals in a Super Bowl XLIII Rematch.

Lock of the Week: Eagles make quick work of the Giants.

Upset of the Week: The Lions earn a late season win over the Vikings.

Throwback of the Week: 1960s throwback featuring the Redskins and Packers.


Week Fifteen

AFC Game of the Week: Texans take it to and win over the Titans.

NFC Game of the Week: The Cowboys avenge their 2018 Divisional Playoff loss against the Rams.

Interconference Game of the Week: Saints beat the Colts in a rematch of Super Bowl XLIV.

Lock of the Week: Eagles make the Redskins look like a college team.

Upset of the Week: Vikings steal one from the Chargers in a pivotal late season matchup.

Throwback of the Week: Packers-Bears Throwbacks, Round II.


Week Sixteen

AFC Game of the Week: Browns beat the Ravens to take their first AFC North Title in 31 seasons.

NFC Game of the Week: Cowboys make things interesting in the NFC East in a win against the Eagles.

Interconference Game of the Week: Panthers earn one against the Colts.

Lock of the Week: Saints crush Tennessee.

Upset of the Week: Bears leave the Chiefs searching for answers.

Throwback of the Week: Chargers-Raiders 1960s throwbacks.


Week Seventeen

AFC Game of the Week: Steelers earn a playoff spot in a win over Baltimore.

NFC Game of the Week: Vikings take it over the Bears.

Lock of the Week: Cowboys’ backups beat the Redskins.

Upset of the Week: Titans end the Texans’ playoff hopes.

Throwback of the Week: Let’s see two former St. Louis teams throwback to the 1970s.


Final Standings

AFC East

New England: 12-4

New York: 5-11

Buffalo: 4-12

Miami: 4-12


AFC North

Cleveland: 12-4

Pittsburgh: 11-5

Baltimore: 9-7

Cincinnati: 5-11


AFC South

Indianapolis: 11-5

Houston: 9-7

Jacksonville: 6-10

Tennessee: 5-11


AFC West

Los Angeles: 11-5

Kansas City: 11-5

Denver: 5-11

Oakland: 3-13

NFC East

Philadelphia: 12-4

Dallas: 11-5

New York: 4-12

Washington: 3-13


NFC North

Green Bay: 13-3

Minnesota: 11-5

Chicago: 8-8

Detroit: 7-9


NFC South

New Orleans: 10-6

Carolina: 9-7

Atlanta: 7-9

Tampa Bay: 5-11


NFC West

Los Angeles: 10-6

Seattle: 9-7

San Francisco: 8-8

Arizona: 6-10


Playoff Bracket

As you can see, the Colts return as a fourth-seed, the Steelers return, as do the Patriots, Chargers, and Chiefs. The Browns replace the Ravens (doesn’t that just sound right?) to make up the six teams. The Colts stall the Chiefs while the Chargers beat another AFC North team in the Wildcard Round for the second straight season. The Chargers beat the inexperienced Browns while the Patriots beat Indy. New England again wins in their 9th straight AFC Championship Game and earns a trip to their 4th straight Super Bowl.

As for the NFC, Dallas avenges last season’s loss to the Rams, and the Saints avenge a loss to the Vikings from two seasons ago. Green Bay beats Dallas and the Saints trap the Eagles. The Packers win big at home in Lambeau and face the Patriots for a Super Bowl XXXI rematch.

In the end, the Packers ultimately join the 49ers, Cowboys, Steelers, and Patriots as the fourth team in NFL history to achieve five four Super Bowl rings.



So, how did I do? Do you agree or disagree with my notions? What jumped out at you? Are there any surprises? If so, let me know your predictions down in the comments section and we’ll see just who reigns king as the NFL enters and exits its 100th season.

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  1. Wow that’s great. Yeah I definitely think that it will come down to Patriots and Packers too. Those teams are both looking really good this year. I wasn’t sure about the Chargers because I know they’re looking really good this year but yeah I definitely think they will at least make it that far. I mean it was so close in my mind it could come down to Packers vs Chargers at the end but I definitely think the Packers would win they have just been doing very well all along. I think it definitely would have been Eagles versus Packers but then Packers would have one so it would have turned out the same. A lot of the teams are looking good this year I think it will be really tough to say honestly.

    1. While the Packers have a new coaching system in place, we can’t count out Aaron Rodgers and Company. He makes everyone around him better and only a fool would count Green Bay out. May be a bit of a sleeper pick to many, but at the same time, no one should be surprised when the Packers win this thing this year. 

  2. Amazing! I am amazed, really, that it’s not even the Real thing! You really did great doing a prediction on NFL 2019 Pro Football League. I am sure it wasn’t downright simple. Or was it?!

    I am quite new to the NFL football, and don’t know much of the different teams scheduled to play.

    So, I vote for the Packers!!! according to your prediction. Hope it turns out right! 


    1. It can be simple, but at the same time, it’s a definite chess game. I always have a general idea on how certain teams will perform, but then again, there are surprises and disappointments that come as well. For instance, some teams who are favored to do well will flop, and vice versa. 

  3. Every year, unforeseen roster moves shake up the NFL. So whether viewed as hot takes or bold predictions, outside-the-box thoughts have plenty of relevance in offseason forecasts. I really took my time to check all the games, it’s awesome. I can’t agree more. I might want to bookmark this page.


    1. Unforeseen roster moves do, both in the off-season and even during the season. And yeah, I love this little playoff machine builder! 

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