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New York Giants Helmet History

The New York Giants helmet history has consisted of the same blue and red shell and stripe for as long as my grandparents have been alive, which is since the late-1930s onward. That said, when one thinks of the Giants, they think of continuity, much like their NFC East brethren which I consider to be the most traditional division in football.


Formative Years

The Giants were founded in 1925 and like other teams founded during the era before plastic helmet shells, wore leatherheads. With this said, let’s start off with the 1940-1960 look, which can be viewed visually by clicking through this link to SportsLogos.

The first helmet consisted of the blue shell accompanied by the red crown stripe. The sides were plain and this helmet continued until the 1960 season.



The helmet’s shell and stripe remained unchanged from 1961 to 1974, but a lowercase ‘ny’ was added as helmet decals, with the ‘y’ swooping under the ‘n.’

In 1975, the Giants provided an update for the helmet. The ‘n’ was now capitalized and both the ‘Ny’ were now blue with a white outline. Also, white now bordered the red on the helmet crown, giving more visibility to the red. Also in 1975, the Giants switched from a traditional gray facemask to white.



In 1976, the blue ‘Ny’ was dropped in favor for the GIANTS script.

In 1981, the white borders on the helmet stripe were dropped, and the helmet remained unchanged over the next eighteen seasons.



GIANTS script from 1976-1999.

In 2000, the Giants reverted back to their lighter blue shells and dropped the GIANTS script in favor of their 1961-1974 logo, the lowercase ‘ny.’ They also adopted a similar uniform to the 1961-74 classics and the primary helmet has remained the same ever since.

This helmet’s shade of blue was lightened from a darker to more of a royal blue, something unique during an age where many teams adopted darker shades of their color scheme in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

In 2016, the Giants have since brought back the GIANTS script for their Color Rush, which is practically a version of their all-white uniform from 1981-1999. The only difference here is the Giants, like the Broncos, have used their primary helmet since teams are now banned from using multiple colored helmets in the NFL.


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My Take

The short-lived 1975 helmet.

I’m a football purist, but for the Giants, either helmet works well. They’re one of few NFL teams that have looked good in any helmet and uniform combination they have worn, except for the one-year helmet in 1975.

It truly doesn’t matter what helmets the Giants wear; they will never have to adopt a new identity if they continue using either helmet.

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Color Rush Version

The Giants’ color rush helmet, featuring a lighter shade of blue that matches their primary helmets.
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  1. I find it interesting how in every sports accessory get evolved. Obviously, helmets are important in football, and the possibility of customizing them are great.

    My favorite logo on the helmet would be one from 1976-1999. I like GIANTS stands out, similar to the present.

    1. I was a big fan of that helmet as well and I’m glad they brought it back for their color rush look. Maybe it’ll make a full-time return in the future? While you can’t go wrong with either helmet, the GIANTS script was a favorite of mine.

  2. This is a flash back memory of how helmet became part of footboller,’s dress. NY must be interesting for retaining it back after a long time. The two colour look nice but am a great fan of Giants so,I’ll go for the current blue color with red stripe and Giants bodly written on it. Thanks for this review

    1. Hi, Stella, I’m with you there. While the helmet is at alternate status as of now, it’d look great even on the current uniforms. I’d love to see it in action. 

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