Inverted NFL Jerseys: Is This Nike’s Latest Promotion

So in 2015, Nike introduced a soft launch of the NFL Color Rush, which was abandoned after the 2017 season though many teams around the league can still wear the uniforms as a third or even a fourth look. However, the failure of the Color Rush might not stop Nike from their latest thing: Inverted NFL jerseys.

Are these really a thing or are they merely an online store option?

Knowing Nike, they love uniform promotions, especially in college football, but it looks like something new might be headed to the NFL. Many young fans love seeing a variety of uniforms on the field unlike conservative traditionalists such as myself, though it doesn’t mean I’m against one-time things.

For me, personally, if the inverted jersey has a dedicated weekend, I’m more than cool with it, as these looks might look okay on the field, but at the same time, I’d have a heart attack if my Browns adopted gray jerseys (seriously) full-time. At the same time I will say, I never thought I’d ever take to the team’s Color Rush and I was a huge fan of the look since they unveiled it. But then again, they won in them, so that always helps.

So, what do these jerseys look like?

Let’s go through a little visual and content-based rundown and if you’re interested in one of the jerseys, some of which are alright and others of which I might question your taste for uniforms, just click on the corresponding images.

Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals Inverted Jersey

Silver with red numbers, black trim, thin black line at the midseam, and red sleeve accents. They’re honestly a massive upgrade over their current road jerseys, which have annoying back shoulder panels, red side panels up the midseam, and red on the shoulders; practically a home jersey look. The inverted style much more resembles a true roadie.


Atlanta Falcons

Falcons Inverted Jersey

The Falcons’ look is basically the same as their road whites, except with a silver tint. There is no real difference other than the subtle color change.


Baltimore Ravens

Ravens inverted jersey

This jersey is different, way different. We have a gold base (seriously) with purple numbering, nameplates, white outline, and black drop shadow. I honestly hope these never see the light of day on the field, especially if Nike has a monochromatic look in mind and pairs them with gold pants. It would truly look like vomit; at least it’s what the color reminds me of.


Buffalo Bills

Bills inverted jersey

Navy blue base with white sleeve stripes with red and blue outlines. Ditto for the numbers. These jerseys might be alright, but at the same time, they remind me of the team’s 2002-2010 jersey combo, which was nothing but a train wreck. I can picture them looking okay when paired with white pants, but these will get old fast if the team ever adopted them as a permanent jersey. I do like the fact they help bring out the numbers, but they also resemble cheap New England Patriots knockoff jerseys.


Carolina Panthers

Panthers inverted jersey

No real change from the road whites except for the silver tint, much like the Falcons’ inverted look. Would make a nice one-timer, but nothing more than it.


Chicago Bears

Bears inverted jersey

Same as road jerseys except for the addition of silver tint.


Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals inverted jersey

Arguably the strangest look that resembles the jerseys of my old high school’s football team; smoke gray, almost like a dark gunmetal, with black numbers and orange dropshadow. Ditto for the TV numbers. White side panels, orange shoulder panels, and tiger stripes make up the bulk of this uniform. I didn’t think the jersey could get any uglier.


Cleveland Browns

Browns inverted jersey

Same as the road jersey, only it’s VERY resembling of the 2013-2015; giving them a look that Oregon State would be more likely to wear than an NFL team.


Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys Inverted jersey

Different, different, different. A complete inversion of the team’s alternate (away) blue jerseys, with a silver base, blue numbers, white and blue outlines, a white-blue-white sleeve stripe combo with the Lone Star logo in the middle. What annoys me here is the team’s white wordmark on silver.


Denver Broncos

Broncos Color Rush Jersey

None listed as of August 3rd, 2019, so here’s the Color Rush jersey.


Detroit Lions

Lions inverted jersey.

Same as Color Rush Jersey, just with a lighter tint of silver plus the number color and nameplate are both blue.


Green Bay Packers

Packers inverted jersey

Yellow base, green numbers, green-white-green sleeve stripe combo, green nameplates. If the team ever wished to look like walking highlighters, this is the jersey they need to adopt. However, I could see it clashing well with the team’s white Color Rush pants, so perhaps it’s not so bad. To their credit, the Packers did wear identical jersey back in the 1940s.


Houston Texans

Texans inverted jersey

No real difference from the team’s road jerseys other than a silver tint added in.

Indianapolis Colts

Colts inverted jersey

Same look as the team’s road whites, except there’s a little bit of Duke Blue Devils in there, whose uniforms are based on the Colts’ look.


Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars inverted jersey

Finally, a breath of fresh air; silver jersey with teal numbering which for me, is actually an upgrade over the team’s current generic-looking white jerseys with black numbering. It’s one instance that the team needs to give up their current roadies and go with these things. I’m 100% behind them.


Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs inverted jersey

The best uniform combo in the NFL just screwed up bad if these yellow-based jerseys with red numbers and white trim ever took the field. Red-white-red sleeve combo along with the AFL logo patch, but this would look horrendous in a game.


Los Angeles Chargers

Chargers inverted jersey

If you think the Chiefs’ jersey looked bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. Another jersey containing a yellow base, navy numbers, powder and white outlines, plus a navy vertical stripe along with a yellow lightning bolt and powder outlines. Imagine if this ever took the field; white helmets, yellow jerseys, white pants. The Easter Bunny called, he wants his jersey back.


Los Angeles Rams

Rams Color Rush

None listed, but the Color Rush look comes close.


Miami Dolphins

Dolphins inverted jersey

Orange base, aqua numbers, white trim, aqua word marks….if there’s a firepit in the Miami South Beach bonfires, they should only buy these to stroke the fire and forget these ever existed. I need to contact a few relatives in the area and stipend them.


Minnesota Vikings

Vikings inverted jersey

Okay, we need another firepit in a Minnesota Yule in December for this disaster. Yellow base, purple numbers, purple and white striping… I don’t want to picture these on any uniform combo. Maybe the yellow jerseys combined with purple pants and the purple helmets…maybe…


New England Patriots

Patriots inverted jersey

Honestly…not bad…in fact, it’s probably the best inverted jersey out there. It’s like a modern twist on the old days of the Pat Patriot combo with a red base, white numbers, blue outlines, and a silver vertical midseam stripe. It’s a really good-looking jersey where the only annoyance is the blue striped side panel outline. I love this jersey.


New Orleans Saints

Saints inverted jersey

Remember that time in 2002 when the team busted out gold alternates? Yeah, it’s the same exact jersey almost to a T. It honestly doesn’t look that bad, and makes a good one-timer. Yeah, I’ll take them.


New York Giants

Giants inverted jersey

Remember the time the Giants busted out red alternates? Yep, it’s the same thing, literally to a T. I’m all for it; makes for a nice color contrast between it and the blue helmet.


New York Jets

Jets inverted jersey

No difference from the road whites. Might make a good alternate, might not…might be a good one-timer. I’ll let you decide.


Oakland Raiders

Raiders inverted jersey

None listed, but the Color Rush jersey is inverted from the primary.

Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles inverted jersey

No real difference than the roadies. I would have liked to have seen a more similar jersey, ironically, as the only subtle difference involved is that the ‘Eagles’ wordmark is hard to see, being written in white. I don’t know if it’ll look good on the field or not. Again, a one-timer might be fine.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers inverted jersey

This jersey is so horrific it pains me to even write about it. But here goes nothing: Yellow base, black numbers, white name plates (honestly, what the f*ck is Nike thinking here?), black Northwestern stripes with white outlines. Again, this is by far the worst inverted jersey I’ve seen. Just buy them, burn them, and erase them from history.


San Francisco 49ers

49ers inverted jersey

Ahahahahahahaha! Okay, now that this was out of the way, let’s explain who in their right mind would buy a gold base, red numbering, and red sleeve stripes? Wow, imagine the monochromatic disaster that would come with this if they paired the gold jersey with gold pants and the gold helmets. A literal sh*tstorm just hit the field.


Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks inverted jersey

Did I say Pittsburgh had the worst? Silver jersey, green numbers, blue outlines, green midseam panels, and blue nameplates. Seriously, did this come from a high school sewing class? Words can’t express how bad this jersey is.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers inverted jersey

The Bucs have the worst primary jersey in football. Now, they have the absolute worst inverted jersey in the Nike Uniform Bizarro World. Pewter base, red shoulder panels, creamsicle diagonal midseam lines, and the same 1980s digital alarm clock numbering font with pewter and creamsicle outlines. Pewter TV numbers. Just buy these and get rid of them. Don’t wear them, just save others the misery. Miserable.


Tennessee Titans

Titans color rush jersey

None listed, and thank goodness, but the Color Rush jersey is practically an inverse.


Washington Redskins

Redskins inverted jersey

Silver jersey, burgundy numbers, gold outlines, burgundy and yellow striping. Not bad, not good, just about the middle of the road. I think I can handle it, but not something we need to see on the field.

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  1. Hi Todd,

    Cool post and I like your opinions. I am not exactly an American football fan as I am British, but I quite like the New England Patriots jersey. I also like the contrast of the Redskins jersey. Are you going to make another post like this for other brands of jersey other than Nike?

    1. Hi, Tom, yeah the Pats jersey looks like a real ringer, but I’m an Ohio State Buckeye fan at the college level so I couldn’t help noticing how similar the Patriots would look to OSU if they actually wore these. The NFL actually has an exclusive rights deal with Nike so I won’t be able to post about other brands of current looks unless the courts ever order the NFL to allow each team to make their own deals with different manufacturers, as was the case before 2002. 

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