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History of the Baltimore Ravens Jersey

The Baltimore Ravens jersey has seen little change throughout the years since the team’s controversial founding in 1996, however they have had several jersey combinations in their 24-season history.


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While the Ravens’ jerseys have remained essentially the same throughout most of their existence, their original jerseys consisted of the same purple at home for the primaries and white for the away look. The home jersey bore white numbers with a double outline of purple and gold and the whites had purple numbers with an outline of white and purple.

In 1997, the team slightly upgraded their font, granting the team a more classic look than what was previously seen.

The sleeve logo for both jerseys consisted of a raven taking flight.



Ravens Color Rush

In 2000, the Ravens upgraded their jersey to fit the look we’re familiar with today. These jerseys contain purple primaries with white numbers, a gold outline with black drop shadow.

The white jersey contains the same outline and drop shadow surrounding a purple number.

The team also introduced a black alternate jersey in 2004, wearing the look for the first time in team history along with black pants in a prime time game against the Cleveland Browns.

When the NFL introduced its color rush, the Ravens look consisted of a purple jersey but with gold numbers instead of white with an identical drop shadow accompanying the look.


My Take

Ravens Black Alternate Jersey

I’m a traditionalist in a uniform sense and the Ravens really haven’t been traditional in their history, even when they opted for the more classic look in 1997 when they added white pants to accompany the jerseys and changed their numbering style.

However, purple and black are good color combos, which have always kept the Ravens out of the basement in my jersey rankings, where they currently stand at 26th.

The team is an ideal candidate for a redesign, but knowing that Nike likes to add strange accessories to uniforms when given free rein (a la Tennessee Titans), a new look would either be hit or miss.

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