The Dallas Cowboys Helmet History

The Dallas Cowboys helmet history begins in 1960 with a look many aren’t accustomed to seeing as the familiar silver-blue, royal, navy, and metallic-silver make up the bulk of the Cowboys’ history. Complete with the double-outlined lone-star the Cowboys’ look has become one of the most if not the most recognizable in sports.


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1960-1963 version of the lone star helmet.

When the team debuted in 1960, they bore a white helmet with a blue lone-star. This look lasted until 1963 when the Cowboys traded in the white for silver-blue, which remains the helmet shell to this day. The difference between this helmet and the modern-day helmet is the fact the lone star lacked a double-outline, opting instead for the single outline. The crown stripe running down the middle also consisted of blue and white for both versions.



Starting in 1967, the Cowboys look changed again, which is seen to this day, featuring the double-outlined lone star. An additional outline was done to give the logo a bolder look and feel, which has remained unchanged.


Special Helmets

Second version of the lone star helmet, worn from 1964-1966.

While the Cowboys’ helmet has remained unchanged, they did do a one-year project with the helmet in 1976. To celebrate America’s bicentennial year, the Cowboys tweaked the right-hand side of their crown stripe, changing the color from blue to red while the left-hand side remained blue.

In 1994, the Cowboys decided to wear an updated version of their 1960 throwback uniforms, keeping the double-star helmet with the throwbacks in favor of reverting back to white during throwback weekends.

The white helmet did make a comeback, however, in the early 21st century. On Thanksgiving Day in 2003, they resurrected the 1960-1963 uniforms, complete with the white helmet, and continued to wear this look on select Thanksgiving Day games until the NFL banned teams from using multiple-colored helmets starting in 2013.


My Take

The Cowboys’ bicentennial helmets, worn during the 1976 season.

The Cowboys definitely have earned one of the most iconic looks not just in the NFL, but in sports history. While their classic logos hold a similar vibe, the lone star doesn’t pop like it does with the double-outlined logo. Sports fans from all over the world, NFL fans or not, always recognize the Cowboys look once they’ve come across it. It’s truly a one of a kind logo and helmet that neither is nor should go anywhere anytime soon.

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