2019 Road Jersey Rankings

2019 NFL Jersey Rankings: Ranking Each Team’s Road Jersey

If you haven’t done so yet, take a look at my 2019 NFL jersey rankings for each team’s home, or in most cases, dark look. Now it’s time to switch gears and rank the road jerseys, all of which are light except the Dallas Cowboys, who wear their navy blue jerseys on the road when the home team opts for white.

And with that proclamation, it’s time to begin the rankings for each team’s road look.


32: Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Road Jersey

I don’t even think Cowboys fans believe the team looks right in their road navies. Fun fact: The team will wear these at home during select seasons on Thanksgiving Day.


31: Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Road Jersey

Like their home jerseys, the look is far outdated. Their old road look included the Flag of Arizona, which in my opinion made for one of the best road looks (and occasional home look) in football.


30: Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons Road Jersey

Like the Cardinals, the look is just dated, having debuted in 2003 during an era where jersey piping and side panels were king.


29: Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams Road

Unlike their home jerseys which ranked in the top ten, the Rams’ white jerseys hold the final remnants of the millennium blue and new century gold that debuted in 2000. Thankfully, the shade of gold is minimal and looks good with the white helmet stripes, however it’s clear that the team has pretty much retired the color.


28: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Road Jersey

The only thing keeping the Bucs from dropping into the thirties is the fact the is neither as dated as the previous nor is it out of place, unlike Dallas and LA.


27: Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals Road Jersey

Again, another Reebok-era outdated look that has long since overstayed its welcome.


26: Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans Road Jersey

The Titans’ latest uniform combo has backfired into one of the league’s most infamous designs. The shoulder panels are supposedly sword blades. I’m still trying to figure out what the side panels are supposed to be.


25: New England Patriots

New England Patriots Road Jersey

Side panels debuted before it was cool to display side panels and have stuck around long after the side panel craze wore off. Unfortunately the Patriots have won six Super Bowls since these jerseys debuted, so it’s likely they’re going to stick around longer.


24: Denver Broncos


A jersey combo that screams 1990s. Like the Patriots, the Broncos have been very successful in this look with three Super Bowl wins and four overall appearances since it debuted in 1997. They’re not going anywhere for a while, as it’s considered the “Championship look.”


23: Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks Road Jersey

Okay, yet another “Championship look” that I can go without, but the Seahawks won a Super Bowl in these literal duds while coming within one yard of winning a second. The college/arena-like uniforms are here to stay.


22: Baltimore Ravens

Ravens Road Jersey

The design of the jersey itself isn’t that bad but ever since the team debuted in 1996, the numbering font has always appeared too big for the jersey.

21: Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Road Jersey

Not a bad look in the slightest but they can definitely use more Carolina blue here.


20: Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers Road Jersey

I like the overall concept of the jersey but it would look so much better to make the numbering and shoulder design powder blue rather than navy. The team has since announced the return of powder blues to primaries, so a change might be in store soon.


19: Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Road Jersey

The Eagles had a fantastic white jersey until ownership tarnished the look in 1996. Still, though, I prefer these over their home look.


18: Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars Road Jersey

This jersey is borderline generic with few to no frills. In the NFL, it’s almost always a good thing, but would it have killed them to make it look more like a game jersey with more striping without the annoying logo patch which gives it the look of a practice jersey?


17: New York Jets

New York Jets Road Jersey

So many pan the look, claiming it to be too college/arena-like. How? The numbering font isn’t bad, there’s zero piping, and the shoulder design is minimal. My only gripe is the ‘NEW YORK’ script across the front.


16: Houston Texans

Houston Texans Road Jersey

Another generic look but it has worked throughout the Texans’ time in Houston. I just wish it had brighter colors to bring out the spirit of the old Houston Oilers.


15: Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns Road Jersey

The Browns’ whites are far better than their home look, as the numbers are easier to read and the shoulder striping is basic, which is a plus in the eyes of die-hard Clevelanders. The problem? The ‘CLEVELAND’ script running across the front.


14: Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Road Jersey

A near-fantastic modernized upgrade of a classic jersey, if it wasn’t for that strange numbering font which is supposedly intended to mimic a Viking flag.


13: New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints Road Jersey

I honestly don’t mind the Saints’ current look, but man, ever since their Color Rush debut a few years ago, it reminded me of some classic Saints’ away look. Bring them back!


12: Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins Road Jersey

The Dolphins made an upgrade for the better in 2018 when they ditched the navy on the jersey. Now it’s time to add the classic striping back to the improving look.


11: Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers Road Jersey

The Steelers do everything right except for a) the logo patch and b) the abandoning of the old block numbering.


10: New York Giants

The Northwestern stripes on this jersey launches the away version into the top ten. While I prefer the Color Rush design, this one is also a classic.


9: Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions Road Jersey

The Lions got rid of the black for good and in doing so have attained a classic look once more. I love the striping here on this jersey and the simple, classic look.


8: Chicago Bears

Mitchell Trubisky Away Jersey

Nothing screams NFL Sunday better than the timeless look from the Chicago Bears. This one is here to stay throughout the ages.


7: Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers Road Jersey

Doesn’t make the same impact as the home greens, but it still cracks the top ten.


6: Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders Road Jersey

The Raiders switched from silver to black numbers on this jersey early in their existence and never looked back, keeping a classic, hardcore look.


5: Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts Road Jersey

Blue and white are the Colts’ official colors. It doesn’t get any more simple, and it doesn’t get any more timeless.


4: Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills Road Jersey

The blue and white look with red accents gives the Bills the most patriotic look in the division, even when compared with the Patriots themselves.


3: Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Road Jersey

The Chiefs have kept this look since their inception as the Dallas Texans in 1960. Makes no difference, the shade of red is one of the best in sports history.


2: San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers Road Jersey

Classic, classic, classic, championship style look for the Niners. Don’t go anywhere.


1: Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins Road Jersey

Arguably the classiest away look in the NFL. No one else in the league possesses a color contrast like burgundy and gold and the Redskins have just the right mixture in each. Nicknames aside, logos aside, this jersey needs to remain regardless of if (or when) the team retires the nickname and logo.


  1. It seems that most of the away jerseys look very similar. It seems your preface beyond having a favorite team is to have a favorite color or color combination. I am very familiar with the Cowboys away jersey and your right, Cowboy fans usually hate the Cowboys away jersey. I also think that most teams usually lose on the road so there may be some dislike of the away jersey. My favorites are the Saints and Titans.

    1. Hi, Lee, some have even considered the jersey to be ‘jinxed’ due to the fact the Cowboys tend to lose in them. You see more teams losing on the road than at home unless if an odd year occurs where a team reaches ‘road warrior’ status, similar to the 2007 New York Giants and a similar phenomenon happened to the Giants in 2011. 

  2. Awesome review of 2019 NFL jersey rankings.  Pretty cool to think there are so many variations.  Who knew?  I agree with the simple and timeless looks as in the Green Bay Packers’ away jersey.  However, I am from Wisconsin!  Very personal touch you give with your opinions.  I don’t understand why the Dallas Cowboys are in Navy though.  Why don’t they just do white like everyone else?  Thanks for an in depth review.  Well done!


    1. Hi, Michelle, I definitely agree with the timeless looks. Funny story about the Cowboys. Back before color TV was a thing, ownership wanted to entice fans to come to games during a time when baseball was king, so they decided to wear white at home so fans could see the opposing team’s colors. Before then, they did wear navy at home and will do so in select years on Thanksgiving Day. Last year, they stuck with white, so we’ll see what this season brings. 

  3. Thank you for your away jersey review, I found it entertaining to read. It is clear to see what designs you find most eye appealing. Personally, I like the look of the New York Jets away jersey of those listed. I am a Green Bay fan myself, so I’m biased and would always put them in the top slot but even I can admit that some of their designs haven’t been the best.

    When I’m shopping for jerseys, most times I opt for the home team look. Thanks for bringing the away team jerseys to the front of my attention. I do not own an away one yet and I think it’s about time I do. Thanks again!

    1. And thank you for enjoying, Shannon! The Jets look is brand new as well, so it’ll stick around for a while. Many have panned the look, but I honestly see few flaws in it (NEW YORK running across the front). Overall not a bad look. 

      I’m the same way. My latest Browns jerseys (my favorite team) have all been brown, but I’m holding off on buying until I see what they unveil next season. I think they’re going with their classic look, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they based a new uniform around the color rush look as well. 

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